Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Donations accepted!

We are slooowly saving up for our eventual return to Oregon. Anybody want to help us along? Alex has a PayPal account if you want to send funds! :D

On this topic, I was filling out one of those store surveys recently, which offered a $1000 gift card to WalMart, and I always think "What could I possibly USE this for?" but I realized that it could be practically a whole apartment of furnishings. Okay, universe, we're ready for our payout!


Alison said...

Speaking of donations...I set aside an offer I got from Gevalia coffee. If you buy $15.00 of coffee delivery from them, they send you their $100 coffeemaker. Then they openly admit you cancel your subscription and keep the coffeemaker to brew whatever you want. Thought that might be nice for setting up a new kitchen...couldn't find the hitch yet if there is one.

Melissa said...

There is no hitch.... I own one of the machines! :P They're pretty good, too. They're just counting on you not cancelling your coffee subscription.