Thursday, April 9, 2009

"cooky" press

I have this old cooky press (its spelling, not mine) -- a Price family heirloom, which is nice words for "old junk that is fobbed off on the other Prices at family reunions". :) I am an honorary price by way of marrying Markita Price's son. It actually is a really cool press, and quite functional! I've made peanut butter cookies and chocolate cookies so far. Yummy!


Sebastian said...

Gawd, that looks like something from my formative years, when I had a recurring nightmare about prefrontal lobotomies.

Just kidding.

But seriously, what's it for...?

Anonymous said...

As a member of the Price heirloom collection, this press was actually used for years since I can remember making sugar cookies and decorating them during some summers.

Melissa said...

Seb, basically you load a bunch of dough into the tube and then twist the knob at the top and presto! Little cookies come out the bottom.

Markita, I've already made a few batches of cookies and I love it!