Sunday, April 5, 2009

zoo trip!

This was Jack's first zoo trip. All winter, I have been DYING to get out and do all the fun activities that are around here! Technically it wasn't a great day to have babies out in (Caiden and Becca came too) but we bundled them up and everybody had a great time anyway. :)

First we saw some sheep and goats, but didn't get any pictures. We were going to use the Webbers' camera but it wasn't working so we had to settle for cell phone shots.

Here's the first documented animal sighting:
It's a zebu! (A what?) [apparently it's some kind of camel-y thing]

This was the only picture we got of Becca's face, as far as I know. She had a really good time, despite appearances. She was just concentrating on something here. :)

I brought my umbrella in case it did more than drizzle. Well, Becca knows this whole dance about duckies and you HAVE to do it if you have an umbrella, even if the thing is three times your size....

Here is how we traveled from animal to animal. Note the fine, manly Harley Davidson hat that we borrowed from Caiden. (Jack's hat kept blowing off!)

He looves his biter biscuits. They are cookies in his book.

This handsome guy wouldn't stop pacing. He was the first animal that Jack was REALLY interested in. He kept lunging around me whenever I blocked his view. I have to say, it's a good choice for a favorite. :)

The absolute winner of the trip was the bears. There were two brown bears that had been rescued from Tennessee. They kept pacing in a predictable pattern, so we knew just where to stand to get a good look! They were pretty exciting from up in mom's arms...

...and REALLY exciting from eye level!! Jack couldn't even believe how cool these guys were. One of them stayed at the window and looked at us for about 30 seconds, and he just gaped in awe!

The answer to "What do you think of bears?"

Not pictured: a bunch of goat-type things, wolves (really exciting because they were running around their big enclosure and right past the viewing window), a yak, a crane and two blue parrots (his first bird sightings -- he was very curious!), meercats (also fascinating), cougars and a small army of coati (but Jack was bundled into the stroller for the last two, so they kind of don't count).

Alison and I agree this was probably the best zoo trip EVER, despite the chill and the slight rain. We're going again next month!

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Alison said...

Most definitely best zoo trip ever!