Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Greek Bear

Alex's parents have friends who live in Greece -- a whole family of folks they go over and visit every so often. It all started with one of the family daughters (Athina) being Markita and Michael's student. Anyway, Athina got this awesome bear for Jack. She has two babies, so she knows what they like. :) It has a string in the back that you pull to get a music-box lullaby playing.
He thought the pull-string was really interesting.

"Did you see this awesome bear??"

Even the bear's gift bag was a fun toy. :)
This is his face when he's saying "B-b-b-bb-bb-b-b-b," which means "Gosh, I am just so interested and happy right now -- mostly very interested!"

What a great present!


Sebastian said...

Man, pull strings... I remember spending hours -- DAYS? -- of my life pulling strings on the backs of toys.

And, of course, the judo-chop function on some of my more, um, boyish toys.

Is Jack due to start talking soon? I forget how old he is.

Melissa said...

He's 8 months old, so by averages he's due to start talking in 4 more months. Of course, averages mean next to nothing with babies. My 2-year-old niece (who JUST had her birthday) talks about everything in the world, and is supposed to be saying "two to three word" sentences. I guess we'll just wait and see....

Christibale said...

Daphne didn't start really saying intelligible things until she was about 18 months. Before that it was things only I could understand.

Also, I read the word "beer" for the first half of the post wondering why they would be sending over beer. :) Of course I would be likely to give Daphne Greek beer! :)