Saturday, May 30, 2009

happy Memorial Day! :)

These pictures are from a big barbecue we went to on Memorial Day. We had a great time!

There were special lobster plates that tell you how to eat the lobster. Jack thought these were pretty interesting.
The best way to explore a lobster-eating plate is to whack it with your flag. :)
There were a bunch of people to see, which was kind of intimidating. We spent a lot of time more in the corner of the yard than really in the action.
Jack was pretty concerned when I set him down in the grass....
but then we were practicing flag waving....
Pretty fun, when you get right down to it! :)
Jack spent a good amount of time flirting with Courtney, who he doesn't get to see too much. He loved chewing on her necklace!

He also spent some time playing with Auntie Amy. He wanted to find out about her teeth (and by "find out about" I mean "pull out of her mouth"....)
Here's a really cute picture of Ashley jumping on the trampoline:
Normally I just delete the blurred photos, but I really liked this one. We were playing with the shrubs on the edge of the yard.
It was a really fun day!

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