Saturday, May 23, 2009

More from Mizzou!

Uncle Eric has my sweet tooth, so we banded together and made a delicious Nutella cake.

Jack ended up with a spoon of his own, at some point. You can't see it, but he was having a great time whacking things and biting the spoon. (AKA "cooking".) :)
I'm not sure where Jack got to.... probably off with Granny or Grampa
...and then it was down to Eric to finish the cake. :) I'm pretty sure I was in and out still, but the cake took a while and Jack didn't really have the attention span for it.


Sebastian said...

... what every chocolate cake needs -- BACARDI.

Melissa said...

Yeah, the cake and the frosting each got about a tablespoon of Bacardi for extra deliciousness. It's a cake for grownups!