Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Almost three years ago I promised that I would make a quilt for Chris' new baby. I went out and got the fabrics and a nice-but-simple pattern.

Well, I had never actually quilted, and my sewing machine was busted, and I was really busy... etc., etc. Daphne is now two years old, and no blanket! Well, Chris is pregnant again and due at the end of July! I am determined that this time, there really will be a quilt for Chris' new baby. :) Actually, I need to get it done by June 3, which is when I go out to visit her.

I am having to do the project in bits and pieces each night after Jack goes to bed (along with my tidying and all that stuff). Here is the result of my first step, completed in two nights:

The next job is to cut these long strips into blocks and turn half of them perpendicular, and then sew them together kind of like a chess board. I will hopefully get that done tomorrow night and get another progress report posted! :)

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Christibale said...

Baby #2 and Daphne will be fighting over the quilt. We THANK YOU!