Wednesday, September 16, 2009

more fair pics

Hey, cows! Last time I was at the fair (several years ago) I saw a GIANT cow. I literally wouldn't have been surprised to hear it weighed two tons! We did a quick look, but we didn't see any particular monsters this time. Just these guys:

Of course we had to see the petting zoo! Jack and I quickly got lost in the crowd of animals, so no more pics! (Alex stayed on the outside with the phones.)
Jack made sure his daddy kept up. :)
Apparently someone shrink-rayed this horse! There was a whole paddock that was supposed to hold mini horses, but when we went there all it held was draft horses. Was someone playing a joke? This poor guy, the only refugee, was wandering the streets!

Here the draft horses were getting readied for their competition, which was incredible! I have a whole series of that to post, but I have to choose the best pictures, and get the pictures off Alex's phone too. In the meantime, here they are all gussied up and ready for the show:

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