Tuesday, September 29, 2009

our apartment (pics!)

I've been getting some heckling about posting pictures of where we live. Okay, okay, here it is!

The view from the living room:

Our little dining space:

The dining room from the kitchen (I love this kind of half-wall in kitchen spaces!):

The kitchen from the dining area:

Washer and dryer. YES!!!!

Our bathroom, which is actually like eight miles deep. There are two more cabinet doors hidden behind the door frame!

Our entry, with the washer and dryer on the right:

And last but not least, the living room! This is definitely the reason I've taken so long to put these pictures up -- I kept trying to take a CLEAN picture but Jack wasn't interested in my plans. :)


Diana said...

Show the deck and the outside. They are nice too.

Amy said...

Awesome! I am jealous!

Anonymous said...

Love the chocolate cake? brownies? near the sink next to the computer! Just what is important anyway ;-)
Love, Markita
P.s. wish I could remember my Google account userid and password.

Diana said...

That blank wall over your desk needs a VERY BIG print to warm up the living room. Ikea maybe? Pick a range of colors you like in the picture and then pick from that to work with.

Melissa said...

It's chocolate cake. :) You have to have something yummy to fortify you against all that moving in!

I definitely agree about the print. I've been pondering my color options. I need something that works with the current (rather too bland for me) tan-brown and cream apartment colors, AND can transition well into my future gorgeously rustic farm house. :) I have been thinking a golden-brownish autumn colored scene -- but not too heavy on the reds and oranges. Hmm....

Diana said...

Oh, just go for the sunflowers! You know you love them. Tuscany with sunflowers and a rustic farmhouse. Something to brighten up the Oregon winter.

Melissa said...

I think I will have to invest in a canvas and some nice acrylics and paint something along those lines! That sounds VERY exciting. And I love any excuse to buy stuff at The Merri Artist. :)

Sebastian said...

*hawks his prints for your very bland and boring walls*

Will do at cut-price, if you take photos of them with Jack's manic-grinning mug somewhere in the shot.

('mug' may be a British turn of phrase...)

Melissa said...

I sincerely thought about that (the birches that showed up on your 52 weeks thing, for one), but photos aren't really my style! Nonetheless, I will browse if you point me in the right direction. I don't actually know where to find your stuff for sale! How embarrassing.... I'm looking for nature-y stuff, as you may have surmised.

Sebastian said...

Naturey stuff... Will email.