Tuesday, September 15, 2009

going downtown

I got a bike recently so Jack and I could go downtown. We walked everywhere in Hampton, since it was all about a mile away. However, now everything is about two miles away -- a pretty big difference when you're walking! Here's a little sample of our activities. :) I apologize in advance about the poor quality. Our real camera is still without batteries so these are all from the camera phone! It's especially hard to get shots of Jack since he is so active, but I figured that some blurry ones were better than NO pictures at all.

First of all, look at this gorgeous day! This is apparently normal for the Oregon summer. I don't remember this from when we lived on The Hill, but I think I was just too busy.
He loves his helmet! He gets all excited and knows we're going somewhere great! (And consequently I can't get a decent picture with my phone for good money!) I am definitely buying batteries for the camera this week.
First stop, library! Holy mackerel, look at the size of that bear! Who knew giant bears lived in the kid's room? Jack was so busy climbing on it that this was the least blurred photo I could get. :)
The library also has this awesome wire-and-beads toy.
As you can see, it requires GREAT concentration and Hard Work.

We turned around from the bead toy and -- what do you know? -- a horse! There was a little girl on it who showed Jack how to ride. He was very appreciative! Here he is watching her scamper off to her mommy.
As if the library wasn't already cool enough, they have puzzles! Jack has never done puzzles before. He couldn't quite believe there was something this cool in the world, especially the ones with animals!

After we finished at the library, we went to the park. Between the library and park (they're right next door) is this fountain! Jack thinks this is also the coolest thing ever to exist. :)
"Look, mom! Water! What is this, a bathtub or something?"
Waving to the pretty girls walking past:
...and testing his boundaries. He kept edging a few more steps and then looking back at me. This was as far as he ultimately decided it was okay to venture. :)
First step at the park: snack time! It looks like he's eating pine needles, but he has graham cracker in his mouth. :P

At the park there's this thing -- is it a boat? A car? An airplane? It's some kind of transportation device. Jack loves it because it has high walls around, so I can put him inside and he can play All By Himself. He sees the other kids doing that, so it must be done!
Here he is, driving already. :D
A little girl hopped in and was driving with him. He thought this was a little suspect, but ultimately okay. I'd have taken a picture including her but I'm pretty sure that's terrible playground etiquette.
Here he is, playing All By Himself again. It's very cute -- he wants to explore on his own, but he's still getting used to shoes (which we only got about 2 weeks ago!) so he has to cling on to things and make sure I'm nearby!
And we finished the day with a strawberry Fruitfull (basically frozen pureed strawberry). Yummy!
We don't get it every time, but doesn't it look totally worth it? :)


Diana said...

I wanna play in the park! What a wonderful day. He looks more grown up already.

2littlebeans said...

Oh wow, I miss that library. I wish I'd had the time to take L&L to that park when I was down there last year!

Melissa said...

I swear it's the shoes making him look grown up. He knows they are a Big Boy item and wears them accordingly! :)

And the really great thing about the park is that it is age-appropriate all the way to 12!

Christibale said...

It is pretty suspect to take photos of other people's kids at the park. I have been known to get photos including other people on accident. God help me if I do something so innocent as take a photo

Anonymous said...

Love the series with the wires and wooden beans...also looking through the puzzles we have here for some age appropriate things to bring when we next visit.
Hope all stay well!
Love, Markita

Sebastian said...

What a gyp! No dorky photo of you both on the bike!

This is a situation that must be rectified ASAP, Melissa.