Tuesday, September 1, 2009

State Fair, part 1

Of course, our camera ran out of batteries nearly as soon as we got there. We used our phones after that, but of course they're never as good.... Here's what I managed to snag with the REAL camera:

Entering the fair. What IS that giant thing?? (A ferris wheel!)

Daddy, it's huge!

The fair was VERY overwhelming with so many people, so we went to the horse arena where there were no shows going on. There were three horses in there -- a much more manageable thing than 500 humans!

Horse #1: This one was very good at walking past us and being pretty.

This one was gorgeous, but didn't come near us too often!

And this pony was a stallion. The big horses were mares, so their handlers were warned about this feisty little guy. :)

Next we saw chickens!

And bunnies!

And then Jack saw the world's biggest chicken. Whoa!

This guy's cage was twice the size of the others!

Holy smokes, cows! I think this guy was the second place winner. They were about to go into the ring and be announced.

...and I think this guy was 3rd place.

I wasn't able to get any pictures of the actual activity, but we saw mutton busting! That's when you tie a rope around a sheep's armpits, stick a little kid on it, holding the rope, (all we saw were under 5 years old), and let the kid ride the sheep bronco-style! I love Jack's face in reaction to this:


2littlebeans said...

That look to me says "what the heck are they DOING?"

He looks like a real sweetie Melissa! Love the serious facial expressions

Sebastian said...

Aw, he's got 'perturbed curiousity' down perfectly!

If his cheeks get any larger he might just EXPLODE with cuteness.

Melissa said...

I love his serious faces, and yes, the chubby cheeks make them ten times more adorable! They're called "chipmunk cheeks" in my neck of the woods. :)

Anonymous said...

Major cute and yes we called them chipmunk cheeks as well. He's so very squeezable - if that's a word.
Love, granny