Saturday, September 12, 2009

working the fields

Jack and I got to go pick some yummy peppers and tomatoes with Chris and Daphne. We went to Bernard's Farm, which is pretty darn close.

Daphne was showing Jack how it's done: Hold the bucket and toss the food in! Here's Jack trying the "toss the food" part. (I don't think he really got that peppers were food. He would much rather sit and eat cherry tomatoes from a few rows over.)

With a little more coaching, he picked one right off the plant!

....along with about half the bush. :)

He did much better when it came to tomato time. He knew what that was about, since we already went tomato picking once. He did a lovely job of picking yummy red tomatoes and putting them into the bucket. I was really quite impressed -- not even a year old and he knows which tomatoes are the good ones! It goes to show that kids are frequently a lot more capable than we give them credit for.

He had to stop and see whether they were as yummy as they looked. (They were!)

With Jack's help, we picked 12 lbs of tomatoes. (And that's not mentioning the MOUNTAINS of tomatoes that Chris and Daphne picked!) We are going to cook and can some ketchup! Chris is really being my wilderness guide with all this preserving and canning of a non-jelly variety. It's very interesting! I think maybe I'll try some spaghetti sauce next. :)


Sebastian said...

Oh dear, Daphne might be competing with Jack for Cutest Baby In My RSS Reader... (but no pictures of Chris! Why!)

Pretty sure our rational thinking/problem solving abilities are there from birth. It's just language and muscle control that needs training.

We're just computers, eh? Data in, process, action out.

(I have a grand total of about half a pound of tomatoes from my 4 plants...)

Melissa said...

Yes, Daphne is adorable! And totally photogenic. :) No pictures of Chris because it was her camera! Isn't that how it always goes?

I'm very impressed that your plants got that far in the tomato-making process. Just think, if you had been savage with them and pinched them off properly, you might have gotten a whole two pounds!

Sebastian said...

Yes, but I can't get caught up in what could've been...