Thursday, September 17, 2009

morning adventure

We went out for our normal morning walk today, expecting to pop over to the nature preserve and pick some berries for tomorrow's Iron Chef night. The first surprise was how cold it was! Jack doesn't have any hoodies here right now (they're being shipped over from New England right now) so I bundled him up in his Nonny Blanket and off we went!

Happy to be setting out:
That sun is too bright!

He starts out with the blanket at his legs but loves to pull it up around his face and really snuggle it!

At the nature preserve, we found this really pretty spider web! It was completely soaked in dew.

Okay, so we got our berries and saw our spider webs, and were happily making our way home when --LOOK! A cement mixer! And sidewalk-making construction men!!

Jack was instantly fascinated!

"Mom, this is really as close as I'm allowed to get?" (This was all the way across the street. Clearly not close enough!)

He was taking careful notes on how to spread cement!

We were there for over half an hour and the man on the left (wearing sunglasses) never did a darn thing but watch the other guys. Scratch that -- he eventually walked over to a work truck to take off his jacket, and strolled back. Because, you know, he worked up such a sweat! I'm told he's the "Safety Patrol" or something like that.

Not even teething pain could distract him from watching!

When they finished the first corner, they moved to the next (they were doing the four corners of an intersection) and we got to watch the truck go backward and forward, beeping and rattling the whole way. Very exciting!

Here it is dumping more cement.

He's trying to disguise a yawn here, so I won't cart him off to nap time. Doesn't it look like he's just saying "wow"? :)

Gnawing on his hand again.... He's cutting two teeth. One FINALLY came through his gums yesterday and the other one is hot on its heels!

Apparently it takes two men to smooth out the cement when you're done. Notice the Safety Patrol man being oh-so-helpful. ;)

These are the faces I got when I proposed going home -- as though I had told a funny but off-color joke!

Ultimately we cut a deal that he would peacefully go home IF I would drag the stroller backward so he could keep watching as long as possible. This was our "bye bye!" view:

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