Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PYO is a beautiful thing

One of the HUGE things about living where we do now is that there are farms all over the place. There's a large span of time where you can pick your own food -- buckets of it! (Literally, in this case.) :D

The other morning Jack and I took off for a tomato field to get some spaghetti sauce supplies. The photos speak for themselves pretty adorably, I think!

Our final haul!


Diana said...

I love the colors! So many varieties. Are they heirloom? And is this Farmer John?

Melissa said...

I picked a whole bunch of regular tomatoes and then saw the heirlooms and got all excited! :) The top of the bucket is filled with them, with a few regular tomatoes peeping through. And this was at Bernard's Farm, which is 5 minutes down the road.