Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ready, Set, Wait for it....

The original plan was for me to start driving for Oregon with the cats Saturday morning. As it turned out, we still had plenty to do to clean up/out the apartment.

I'll be cleared for take off after taking care of some last minute things on Sunday. This means, I leave between 7 and 8 am Monday morning from Quincy, MA.

My first stop is Elliot State Park in PA, then on to Eric's in IN, Michael + Markita + Duchess in MO, Jamaal + Lauren in IA and Katrina + Tom in OR before landing on the couch of our good friends Chris and Jared.

I'm ready and itching to travel!

P.S. This was posted using my cell phone connection, so I'll be posting from the road as I go.


Christibale said...

And we waiting for the landing!

Justin said...

excited to see you and meet your kid...see you in a few weeks

Alison said...

You know, not everybody is as pleased as punch about your departure. :P

Alex said...

@C - should be Monday evening

@J - What do you think about another BBQ at Mark's? This time I'll really get to be there!

@A - Let's be fair, you're not pleased that M is departing with me.