Monday, August 24, 2009

welcome to Oregon!

Alex has at least made a couple of posts in the last month, but I've been pretty much totally absent from the blog. Why, you ask? We MOVED!!

Jack and I arrived in McMinnville (to be known as Mac from now on) 9 days ago, with my mom. She and I had a grand old time prowling around and getting furniture, food supplies, etc. We now have a couch, a rocker, an ottoman, a bookshelf, two dining chairs, a stool, a fan, a really nice dining room table that Alex found at goodwill, a small desk for me.... and that's just what I can see from the couch. :) I will be posting pictures soon, I'm sure, but I thought I'd better post an update while I had a second, and pictures be damned!

Alex, Jack and I went to the library and got our library cards this weekend. I was very surprised to find we can check out fifty books at once! WOW! Of course, they didn't have the author I was looking for. Better luck next time!

A big perk of moving here is that we have a whole flock of kids now available to play with. On Saturday night Jack and I went to an Iron Chef night (which will be explained in a later post, because I don't feel like it right now) and Jack got to play with Molly, Daphne, Cyprus, Audrey, Copper, Rowan, Quinn, and Oliver! He mostly just sat there happily gawking at the fact that there were so many kids doing Grown Up Things. Later on he decided he could chase a ball with Molly, who is just about his age. :)

It turns out that the library has a 3-and-under play time every Wednesday morning. It is also right next door to the swimming pool! Jack isn't hugely fond of water, but the pool has family swim Mon-Sat from 12-1, so I think we're going to have to get him used to it. It's an indoor pool, so this has great potential as a winter activity!

Chris Anderson is one of my totally best friends since high school, and lucky for me, she lives 10 minutes away! We have already gone and played with her several times, and while my mom was still here we picked 16 lbs of blueberries together. Those are all in the freezer now. Yum, yum! :) She and I are going to do pick-your-own tomatoes later on and can a whole bunch of them.

In summary, since I can't think of anything else to post just now, we are here and planted firmly in the middle of farm country, with lots of babies to play with and lots and lots of fruits and veggies to stock up on before winter hits. Hooray! :)


Anonymous said...

I looked up your address on Google...or at least the one I thought you had and saw that you were almost due east of the library and thought you'd find that out first.
Happy reading, Love, markita

Sebastian said...

Welcome back, to the blog, and Oregon!

Sixteen pounds of blueberries...? Did you just shake the bush vigourously or something? That's a lot of frickin' blueberries.

(I love blueberries, so I'm a bit jealous... though I can't imagine they're great after freezing...)

Enjoy your awesome new-found ameneties :)

Sebastian said...

ameneties? Jesus... Illiterate at 3 in the morning, obviously.


Melissa said...

Ah yes, 16 pounds of blueberries.... it just depends on how long you stay in the field! (2 hours; fun, except for the sunburn!)

Also Jack was sleeping for the first while, so that helped. But really, 16 pounds is only three pails full!

What they're good for is putting in pancakes, blueberry bread, and stuff like that. And Jack eats them frozen to help with his teething.

And NOW I'm freezing 17 1/2 pounds of tomatoes! Will the madness ever end?? :)