Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trip: Day Three

I'm pretty bad at posting on this thing. It seems there is just so much to do that doesn't involve being in front of the laptop when there is an Internet connection.

Well, today I got out of Eric's around 11am and had to travel through the set of the next slasher movie (Bowling Green, IN). So I was on 46 heading west, and a Google street view car showed up in front of me. I don't know how long the turn around is, or even if the camera was on, but perhaps I'll be visible on the street view of Google maps here someday.

After a short drive (by the clock it was only 4.5 hours--timezone change), I made it to my home as a youth. They put me to work rearranging the A/V equipment in two rooms (mostly swapping things in the two rooms) which was made exciting by having the two rooms on two different floors. Before all the moving, Markita made a yummy chicken dish, green beans and Grecian version of a salad they had stumbled across while visiting Katrina (who is the last stop before the Anderson's couch on my trip). I also was force-fed several excellent beers that Michael had found from a company called Founders.

In the morning, I did some laundry, this blog and let the cats have the run of the house. Duchess and Bo got along fine (Bo was indifferent and Duchess was interested but not overly so) and Sparky stayed under the bed with the nip they had ripped out of the bag the night before.

I'm off to visit Jamaal and then the wilds of Nebraska. Perhaps, I'll use the photos on a recap summary post at the end.

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